The most important thing for a New Brand is to come into the consideration set of a potential customer

And way before this happens; it is vital for a New Brand to build awareness and create acceptance. And for awareness, one has to create visibility. A name that is not visible has no potential of becoming a brand. Being a “best kept secret” doesn’t work in the world of brands

What is a Brand?

A brand is a sum total of all experiences that a product or service has in customer’s mind.

If a product doesn’t create the above, it is not a brand but a “Label.”

In almost every industry and category, there are dozens of names that set out with an objective of becoming a brand. A vast majority of them don’t make it and remain as being just a label.

A fundamental sensory experience that a New Brand has to work upon is “sight.” A visual experience comprising of design and communication. And you got to add one more thing, i.e. “context.” A meaningful context is vital to create consumer relevance

To create relevance, one needs to build a strategy

To create a sound strategy, one should have a right understanding of the product and its target market. This brings us to the point of Research. This is from where Springboardd starts.

Springboardd is about understanding the consumers and delivering creative and practical marketing concepts to generate “Acceptance and Trials” resulting in ‘stickiness’ of sales

Our biggest strength lies in the initial stages of a brand’s evolutionary process. And that is, to get traction on retail—both e-commerce and physical

Springboardd paves the road for the Sales Team

We helped bring back Retailer’s confidence and made the life of Sales Team much easier by activating an objective driven comprehensive marketing mix for an international tea brand

RETAIL AT SPRINGBOARDD… We believe that retail is not just a BTL point, but is the first medium of advertising for New Brands. We devise advertising campaigns and collaborative category communication programmes for retail

Springboardd created competitive edge for a fledgling brand in the storm of mighty competitive forces, created visibility and acceptance inspite of having limited resources

Know about branding and communication programme of a new cold logistics brand

Springboardd Creative Process

The creative process at SPRINGBOARDD starts with the Brand Code. This tools ensure consistency in all Brand Communication, across cultures, and works around a single brand expressions. The Code outlines the Today’s Approach, with Tomorrow’s options.

Know how Springboardd developed a compelling brand purpose for a commodity product

Springboardd Media

SPRINGBOARDD does not differentiate between above-the-line or below-the-line. The SPRINGBOARDD MeTSA media plan aligns media and budgets with Targeted Sales Areas. MeTSA media helps SPRINGBOARDD evaluate diverse media options to even consider your showroom as a media.

Springboardd starts from the scratch and figures out how to create fundamentally new types of value for customers

We helped and provided seamless Global experience for a British Aerospace and Defence company in India—consistently for over six years

MeTSA Concept… Media Plan based on Targeted Sales areas • Takes into account all Consumer Interaction point as our media… this goes up to the last contact in the chain • Aims at working out consolidated GRPs across mediums… including showrooms • To work on the principle of delivering an experience… The Brand Experience

Springboardd moulds the Functional, Mental, Social & Spiritual dimensions of your Brand

We created a fashion brand that set itself apart and instantly connected with the youth and created a customer franchise in a very short span of time

Know what strategy did Springboardd deploy to kick start a British tea brand which went on to become a category leader in Premium Teas and tea bags

What should you expect?

Visibility, Retail Recommendation, Awareness, Trials, Range selling, Saliency in SME along with repeats. Retail Communication is just one part of an overall marketing programme and not ‘the marketing programme’

Springboardd created a trend in premium Residential Housing by creating a new category and brought instant results for one of the largest real estate company in India. Know how?

Springboardd creates an opportunity

Building a brand is like running a marathon and not a sprint. You have to be consistent and persistent. Springboardd creates an opportunity for new brands to become leaders in the category and presents a first movers advantage to lead that category

Springboardd has extensive experience in real estate industry with work on more than a dozen brands

Know about an unknown and unheard-of brand waking up in a depressed market and gaining a position of the most trusted brand that commands premium in comparison to competition. A 100% sell off across projects. Brand power helped and careened the company when market relapsed

Springboardd process works with your customers, across digital, mainline, & unconventional mediums like an experience centre to gain acceptance and trials

We provide differentiated positioning and cast the new brand in segment related values

Every new project for a real estate company is treated like a new brand. We created a differentiated and relevant value proposition in a new project of a rookie real estate company

The branding foundation stone for Springboardd is Power of Segmentation. Segmented Creative Approach communicates “brand values” to different target groups, through ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ medias. Springboard moulds the Functional, Mental, Social & Spiritual dimensions of your Brand.

Springboardd did naming, strategy, brand identity and comms for a new south indian Restaurant. Know what the impact was

To get new brands right…

From inception to communication. We choose segment related values, provide the value, communicate the value, differently to different markets, while maintaining the brand identity and key brand proposition

Springboardd created corporate communications programme for India’s largest commercial centre at its very inception stage

A reason to exist

We are living in an era of fantastic product, fantastic price, fantastic location, fantastic sales team. Ditto for competition. We Search, Create and Communicate your ‘reason to exist’. And thrive. Across segments - across media - across channels